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I (N1gHTiM3_SeakeR) am "Dirt Bike Crazy!", and MX vs ATV: Alive is my FAVOURITE game on the Playstation! I play this every single day, from Dawn to dusk. My favourite race type is by far Nationals, riding on 250cc Mx bikes. Then, if im not "Nationaling", I am in Free Ride as it is all for fun and no competition, pulling big combo's and trying to wheelie the full length of the map, its good to relax to. ;)

A Little More About

N1gHTiM3 SeakeR:

Favourite Track - Lap Time - Bike

  • 45 Palm's Mx - 00:55.87 - Mx Blaze 250F
  • Onsenki Park - 00:47.24 - Mx Blaze 250F (Also Rank 33rd in the world at this track) ;D

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