Welcome to the N1gHTiM3 Wiki

Our Clan, N1gHTiM3, is a PSN Group that consists of selected players and we will be playing a variety of different games across the PSN. Here you can chat, comment and leave feedback about our group regardless of weather you have versed us or not. If you have versed us in any game, you can help us grow by leaving comments on the pages we have created about various topics and subjects.

Want to talk to the members of N1gHTiM3?

If you have anything to ask the members of N1gHTiM3, visit the Admins page to see the list of members of the N1gHTiM3 Clan.

Want to Challenge A Member of N1gHTiM3?

If you ever feel the urge to take on a member of N1gHTiM3, or just want to know what game/s each member plays, visit our Games page for full information.

Pages We Recomend You Visit

  • Administrators (Here you will find a full list of administrators/N1gHTiM3 members and their user name or ID)
  • Games We Play (Here you will find a full list of the games we play and what game/s each member of N1gHTiM3 play)
  • Parkour and Free-Running (We are also practitioners in the art of Parkour and will be posting video's, sharing info of our progress and just talking about it here)
  • Image Gallery (Where you can find ALL the images that have been added to this wiki)

Latest activity

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